Sanitary mixers are designed for hygienic and sterile processing, used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and biotech, ensuring product integrity and compliance with stringent sanitary standards.

Kest Technology Mixers

Kest provides a wide array of durable, precision mixers and tank components for aseptic, reliable pharmaceuticals and food & beverage production.

The Kest mixers is a range of magnetic coupled mixers for pharma and aseptic food and beverage applications. The aseptic design is allowing the mixer to be cleaned in place and sterilized in place (CIP/SIP). The tank gets equipped with a tank plate that is welded into the tank, this eliminates any risk of contamination from the outside environment. The placement of the mixer in the bottom of the tank in combination with the bearing design enables for low volume mixing and mixing to the last drop to ensure full product recovery.

The drive unit is equipped with our patented Kest-Lock connection that ensures quick disconnection from the tank plate during maintenance. When you put the drive unit back on the tank plate, the spring closed Kest-Lock helps the operator to hold the drive unit in place when tightening the screw to lock it in place.

Overview of Kest Mixers

Kest Lock

Kest Lowering Device

Kest Mixer ProFlow - KMPF

Kest Mixer Small Volume - KMS

Kest Mixer - KM

Kest Mixer ATEX - KM ATEX

Kest Mixer Rapid Motion - RM

Kest Mixer Rapid Motion ATEX - RM ATEX

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